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What about Emery? Emery is a Special Place

Editors Note: This story was read in the Emery Town Council meeting and is being placed in a frame at city hall in memory of days gone by:

Editor's Notes

With one year of the conflict in Iraq at an end, it is a good time to reflect on the things that have been accomplished there. At the Progress office we recently received a letter from a Lt. Col. Scott S. Seitz who is in the Marines, he listed major ...

Harriet's World

I have a Diva in my life. Dee-va. In Webster's dictionary a diva is a prima donna. That is it. No other explanation needed. I agree. Now divas come in all sizes and shapes. They can be a male or a female. Animal or human .I have a Diva cat. I h...

Letter to the Editor: Matheson's Proven Record Benefits Emery County

When we read Mike Bardon's letter to the editor in the Emery County Progress entitled "Time For Change" we were amazed and a little saddened by the authors' failure to understand the facts of Congressman Matheson's record representing us in Congress....

Letter to the Editor: Misleading Letter

Recently, members of the Republican party received an invitation to attend a community lunch in honor of Gary Herbert who is running for governor.

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