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is It Enough?

Water Worries for Upcoming Season

Utility Prices are on the Rise

Utility prices are on the rise again. Deb Dull from Utah Power was on hand to give the quarterly update at the Emery County Commission meeting. Dull announced that Bill Landels had retired and Rich Walje had been selected to be the new Executive Vice...

Big Year expected for West Nile Virus

The Division of Wildlife Resources is gearing up for what Derris Jones described as a "big year," for the West Nile Virus. Jones presented a DWR update to the Emery County Public Lands Council at their April Meeting. Jones reported if the virus follo...

Republican Convention

Commissioner Drew Sitterud speaks at the Republican Convention.

Lee Nelson Coming to San Rafael J.h.

Lee Nelson is seen here with a statue of Mark Twain. Nelson completed one of Twain's unfinished manuscripts that is titled, "Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer Among the Indians."

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