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Audience Adores Annie

Oliver Warbucks gets on the phone to the FBI to help locate Annie's parents.

Green River to Line Ponds

In order to alleviate a problem with the growth of algae during the summer months Green River City is looking at lining the ponds at their water treatment plant. During the April Green River City Council meeting, Conae Black, city recorder, explained...

Green River Airport to Receive Funds

Senator Bob Bennett announced $10.9 million in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants for runway improvements and airport enhancements at nine Utah airports.

Welcome Home

Orangeville residents decorated the homes of returning servicemen from the 1457 Engineering Battalion. They also lined the streets with American flags to honor their return.

Hal Cannon at the Emery County Historical Society

Darrel Price sings Sierra Peaks at the Emery County Historical Society meeting.

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