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Celebrating Halloween

Well, it is Halloween time again. Time to get together that stash of candy for all those darling trick or treaters.

Letter to the Editor: Right and Privilege to Vote

The candidate signs are up and the debates will soon be over, it becomes our turn to sort out all the material we have heard and read.

Letter to the Editor: Military Operations

I read with disgust that the Pentagon plans to promote Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, former head of military operations in Iraq.

Letter to the Editor: Voting and Senior Citizens

Who is voting senior citizen ballots?

Letter to the Editor: Why I Support Initiative 1

As most people know, I have always loved to fly. Being a pilot gives me an interesting perspective. With a bird's eye view of our beautiful state - from our expanding cities along the Wasatch Front to canyon country and our northern forests - my love...

Letter to the Editor: Vote no on Initiative 1

Initiative 1 is a Pig � with lipstick!

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