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Harriet's World

This month, right after the holidays, I had the misfortune of being ill with the galloping gomboo. Now I know it wasn't the flu because I was able to acquire one of those rare flu shots that are now wasting away in the hospitals because they have too...

Letter to the Editor: Different cultures

Do you think if we could find 18 women who claim they suffered rape, incest and violence in monogamous communities, we could write their stories and publish it in a book titled, "The Abuses of Monogamy?" Different cultures probably have different cr...

Letter to the Editor: FTAA is Not about Free Trade

President Bush is pushing to pass the Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement. The President insists that the North American Free Trade Agreement was a grand success and should be expanded to include nearly all the nations of the Western Hemisphere...

Letter to the Editor: Changes to social security

I would like to suggest that adults of all ages pay attention to the talk going on in the federal government about possible changes to Social Security.

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