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Local News

Good-bye Tico

Funeral services held for SSgt. Patrick Pentico

New interchange for Hunter Plant

A new interchange is in the works for the Hunter Plant just south of Castle Dale. The plant sees on average 450 loads of coal brought into the facility each day and the new interchange will help ease traffic flow issues. ...

Public land use

Land use is always a big topic of discussion for Emery County residents. At the recent Emery County Public Lands Council meeting, Randy Johnson, who is now a public lands consultant for Washington County in their pursuit of a land use bill, spoke to ...

Rac Sets Numbers

At the South Eastern Region RAC meeting, held at the John Wesley Powell River History Museum, the board took action on the recommendations from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The recommendations were concerning the number of antlerless perm...

County Democrats hold convention

Duane Collard is the county party chairman.

Desert Lake waterfowl viewing

The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) will sponsor a bird viewing event on April 30, at Desert Lake in Emery County from 8 a.m. until noon. The event commemorates national celebrations of Migratory Bird Day and Wetlands Day. The event is free to t...

Peacock proposes new pool for county

Castle Dale City Mayor Neal Peacock made a presentation to the school board concerning the proposal to build a new swimming pool. The present pool in Castle Dale is very old and in need of many repairs. It has gotten to a point where the city cannot ...

Muddy Creek bridge construction to begin May 2

Construction on the Muddy Creek bridge will begin on May 2.

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