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Letter to the Editor: "Concerned citizens" are tearing community apart

As a resident of Orangeville, I for one am fed up with opening the county paper and finding letters to the the editor from the so-called "concerned citizens of Orangeville." I am tired of the criticizing and the complaining. ...

Letter to the Editor: Bombardment of negativism

As a member of the Orangeville City Council, I wanted to address the bombardment of negativism directed toward the city.

Letter to the Editor: Majority of the Citizens?

Majority of the Citizens?

Letter to the Editor: Ongoing investigation unfair

Some 15 months ago in February of 2004 the Utah State Attorney General's Office began to investigate alleged wrong doing by three senior management officials of Emery Telcom.

Letter to the Editor: a Nation Of Men

Our nation of laws is beginning to look more and more like a nation of men.

Guest Editorial: Volunteers needed

I am writing this in hopes of informing the residents of Carbon and Emery counties of the need for volunteers for the (CASA) Court Appointed Special Advocate program. At this time 16 highly motivated individuals from the area are trying to make a di...

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