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Memorial Day 2005

"Things are going OK, relatively speaking here�

Letter to the Editor: Gone the extra mile for Green River

Green River sometimes feels not only like "the other side of the county', but the other side of the world. At least at The Emery County Progress, we no longer feel that way.

Letter to the Editor: New law signed by President Bush

A new law signed by President Bush on May 9, 2005, expands the 2003 Medicare law, giving $1 billion for emergency care to illegal immigrants, thereby rendering military retirees, other veterans, and millions of poor, honest people LAST CLASS citizen...

Letter to the Editor: Silence justifies the high price of fuel

Since the 1960s when the first environmental groups reared their ugly heads every one figured, "If we ignore them long enough they'll go away." Wrong. These controversial environmental groups had an ulterior motive to pull off. They are dedicated to ...

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