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Letter to the Editor: Mental health profiling

There is nothing wrong with religious family values. However, when father/mother figure head is used, it too often runs down the single moms who raise children on their own and they all turn out to be law abiding children, and later, adults....

Letter to the Editor: Silence is what the enviro's are hoping for

The radical environmental groups, sensing they have nearly played out the Mexican spotted owl ploy, started looking for another tool to aid and abet their harassing tactics under the gist that they are saving our environment. For whom? Not for me. Th...

Letter to the Editor: Finally shown who they really are

I have been paying close attention to the behavior of the democrats in the House and Senate since the election. I can now say with some satisfaction the democrats have finally shown everyone who they really are. They hate America, especially our mili...

Letter to the Editor: European Union of the Americas

NAFTA + FTAA + CAFTA= European Union of the Americas

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