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Open letter to commissioners from Ferron City

We, the elected representatives of Ferron City, understand that you, the Emery County Commissioners, intend on closing Canyon Road to ATV travel from the city limits of Ferron to the forest service boundaries. ...

Letter to the Editor: Manti-Lasal beetle infestation

The Manti-LaSal National Forest is being over run by the Western Pine Beetle. There is evidence of considerable study about the beetle.

Letter to the Editor: Fuzzy Math

By the second or third grade, we've all learned two plus two equals four. Keep that simple equation in mind, and you will have all you need to ward off the charlatans in the world who are regularly trying to flim-flam you and in so doing fool with yo...

Letter to the Editor: Illegal immigrants cost Americans

We are now entering that part of our summer season where the house or barn fly is becoming very annoying. A solution to the problem is very simple.

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