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Letter to the Editor: Food inspection very serious

Our State Legislators in their 1995 legislative session cut funding to the department of health which is over the food inspection in every business that sells food or drink products consumed by you, the general public....

Letter to the Editor: Bright idea is waste of time

My understanding is that we will have an ID card/driver's license with all manner of personal data contained therein: medical, financial, criminal, employment, almost your entire life history. We will have input of our information from many different...

Letter to the Editor: Safety on Utah highways must be improved

U.S. Highway 6 between Green River and Spanish Fork should become an Interstate Highway. And, Utah Highway 10 between Price and I-70 should become a four-lane minimum access highway. These highways currently meet the needs of the 1950s and 1960s. Int...

A Win for RS-2477

Tenth Circuit ruling on R.S. 2477 is crushing blow to SUWA

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