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Letter to the Editor: Coach should be thanked

This letter concerns the recent resignation of Emery High football coach Kevin Reynolds. Kevin came to Emery High in 1990 to teach and coach. He served faithfully as an assistant football coach for 13 seasons, and took over as head coach in 2003. He...

Letter to the Editor: Restoring honest pay

Matheson and Democrats have restored honest pay for Gulf Coast workers.

Letter to the Editor: Repeating history

As a veteran, and commander of our American Legion Post 73, I am deeply appalled with the happenings in our country at this time.

Letter to the Editor: Emery County football

Sometimes, in spite of your best intentions to keep your mouth shut so that you do not stick your foot in to it, something persists and you just have to go ahead and do it. It seems that you just cannot help yourself. This is one of those times....

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