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Letter to the Editor: Video game mocks law enforcement

My first and only ride in a limo was not what I had expected it might be. The view of the funeral procession behind us was breathtaking with hundreds of officers escorting my family to my father's final resting place. Though I will always love and ap...

Letter to the Editor: Democrat traitors

I had the opportunity to listen to the confirmation hearings of Samuel Alito. While listening to the questioning of Judge Alito, I learned what the democrats care most about. One is the right of a mother to kill her unborn child and the other is the ...

Letter to the Editor: Supporting the military

Some people have compared the war in Iraq to the Vietnam war. I think the two wars are completely different, however there are some similarities. Now, as then, many good men and women are heroically answering the call to serve our country. Every day ...

Letter to the Editor: Upa Confidentiality Laws Protect Abusers

The UTA (anoted) laws pertaining to confidentiality for juvenile courts causes all sexual offenders to go underground.

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