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Letter to the Editor: Enact the Castle Doctrine

The state of Florida is the first state in the nation to enact the Castle Doctrine, a critically needed reform that guarantees the right to self defense. The law allows citizens to defend themselves using firearms if necessary, for self protection ag...

Letter to the Editor: Reform corporation laws

We are ruled by laws, not by CEO's and executives. Now, help reform our corporation laws. Some examples.

Letter to the Editor: Sorry Works bill

At first blush the Sorry Works bill (S1784) seems to be a good bill or at least a bill that would do no harm. Supporters claim that it will benefit doctors, which it will. That would be a good thing if it also benefited victims of medical malpracti...

Letter to the Editor: Evolutionists running scared

Darwinists must feel like an endangered species. How else to explain their name calling and threats of court protection to ensure their survival? It's obvious they have little confidence their theory can survive open debate when they are fighting so ...

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