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Letter to the Editor: President has authorization

I am writing this in response to a letter you printed in your Jan. 31 issue. Yes, the president has authorized the NSA to monitor incoming calls from foreign countries and yes, they have done this. I am so sick of people like Mr. Livingston, who will...

Letter to the Editor: Torture by Us Government

For years I have been writing letters to countries all around the world to urge them to discontinue torturing and abusing prisoners. I also urge them to investigate in particular cases whether it is true and find whomever is responsible to bring them...

Letter to the Editor: Malpractice lawsuits necessary

HB270 would make it more difficult to win malpractice lawsuits against emergency health care providers. Chaucer posed the question "What do women want?" Who knows, but it seems obvious what doctors want: everything. They want additional tort reform b...

Letter to the Editor: Senators fail to set law in motion to protect Utahns

Why do the tax papers of Utah foot the bill trying to stop nuclear used material from being transferred through or stored here in Utah?

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