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Editor's Notes

What a week! I feel like I've been beat up and hung out to dry. Let's start with the alleged actions of a teacher at San Rafael Junior High in Ferron. I am very distressed that this may have taken place, but even more distressing I felt was the react...

Letter to the Editor: Bush budget proposal

Does the Bush budget proposal go too far?

Letter to the Editor: Liberal Democrats and perceptions about the war

Since the war in Iraq and Afghanistan began, we have heard the same line from the liberal Democrat elite. "We support the troops, not the mission." Well, thanks to Richard Belzer, who plays a detective on NBC's Law and Order SVU television show, thei...

Letter to the Editor: Laws can prevent illegal immigration

Labor and social security laws can prevent illegal immigration. Immigration can be controlled if state and federal laws are changed on minimum wage laws for farmers and restaurant workers....

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