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Letter to the Editor: be active in electoral process

And once again, here we go. Time to renew our commitment to the "goodness of mankind." Do the right thing and become active in the governing processes, so as to insure that the silent majority are represented in the political arena. Granted, this is ...

Letter to the Editor: Veterans watching rights disappear

A short time ago your paper ran an article from the local American Legion president who was encouraging all its members and more to raise their voice to make English the official language in the USA....

Letter to the Editor: Thankful for USA

In these uneasy times when a lot of people want to blame everything and everyone, I want to congratulate the Salt Lake City Veterans Hospital.

Letter to the Editor: Listening to Democrats

I have been writing many letters over the years communicating my disgust at the modern democratic party. Lately I have drawn some very harsh criticism from some readers. They seem to think I do not care for the democrats because of Sean Hannity or th...

Editor's Notes

On Nov. 7 the county voters will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not the county should construct a new Olympic size pool.

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