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Local News

Forced to leave: Sah family from Green River told to return to India by July 1

Will Emery/Clawson voters go to the polls or not?

IT director for the county, Jeff Guymon shows the Beagley family of Emery the new voting machines they might not be allowed to use.

Museum of the San Rafael hosts Spanish trail exhibit

The Museum of the San Rafael is the temporary home to a showcase of Old Spanish Trail memorabilia and items found along the trail.

Profits in your backyard

Sherryl Fowers speaks on how to make a profit in your backyard.

100 percent for kids

Gary Arrington and Green River High School teacher Art Hughes.

Goblin Valley State Park

On May 19 there will be Native American storytelling. Join Barbara to learn how Native Americans explained life and events through stories. Meet at 8 p.m. at the Observation Point shelter. For more information, call (435) 564-3633....

Emery High student built home open house Friday

Utah Housing Corporation and Emery County School District students will host an open house for the recently completed ECHO (Educationally Constructed Housing Opportunity) home built to make homeownership a possibility for a lower-income household....

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