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Letter to the Editor: Butch Cassidy

I refer to an article in the Sun Advocate submitted by Tom McCourt, titled a letter from Butch Cassidy, Hello Uncle Spud dated April 1, 2006. Ghost Rocks, San Rafael.

Letter to the Editor: Will of the electorate

While forcing voters living in small, rural communities to vote by absentee ballot maybe be technically legal it is almost surely more than technically unethical, ripe for election manipulation, and can be viewed as virtual disenfranchisement of rura...

Letter to the Editor: Deportation and heartless

I have known the Sah family for eight years. When I was overwhelmed with my 50 to 60 hour a week job I could visit someone who worked more hours than I did and recieve calm straight forward advice and a cup of tea. ...

Letter to the Editor: Deportation and heartlessness

The Emery County Chamber of Commerce wants to say thank you to all the businesses, organizations, and citizens who have worked with the Chamber of Commerce to provide the Castle Valley Lamb Fry for the past seven years....

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