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Editor's notes: Two weeks and counting

Well, it's two weeks before the Sah family is scheduled to be deported. I just visited with them in Green River and I wish I could report happy news.

Editor's notes: on losing a friend

Today has been a day of reflection for me. I attended a friend's funeral in Green River today. I remember the first time I ever met Jackie Vetere. It was at the watermelon stand. ...

Letter to the Editor: Polygamy Always Hurts

I am writing this letter in response to two excellent (though opposing) articles on polygamy published in the Sun Advocate on June 6. The fruits of polygamy can best be measured by polygamy's effect on the first Mormon family who practiced it: Joseph...

Letter to the Editor: Thankful for coach

We would like to say how much we appreciate Dave Hreinson, the coach of the Emery Heat ( 9 year old and under Super League baseball team) for providing the Mapleton Golden Eagles with such a warm welcome to Huntington on June 10....

Letter to the Editor: Forests in decline

Now after the fact, regarding our forests, what we are now seeing is the handiwork of the radical extreme environmentalists and the end results of their frivolous appeals. Actually what you are seeing is their version of how our forests should be man...

Letter to the Editor: Bush's immigration policy

President Bush is trying when it comes to immigration.

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