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Letter to the Editor: "Independence Day or Interdependence Day?"

As July 4, 2006, Independence Day, approaches, do you remember the travesty perpetrated on the US by the United Nations? Shockingly, Washington's home, Monticello, and Independence Hall in Philadelphia - a symbol of our national independence -have be...

Letter to the Editor: Campaign contributions

Senator Orrin Hatch would like to thank you for smoking. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Hatch has already accepted $17,000 in campaign contributions from tobacco companies for the 2006 election cycle. If accepting kickbacks from to...

Letter to the Editor: the Republican party continues to run down liberals

It is not religious marriages that are under attack, it is gays who desire civil marriages, this is being attacked by the Republican party.

Letter to the Editor: Tobacco related illness cost

My plan to sleep in this Saturday was aborted by Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) Majority Leader of the US Senate who was addressing his proposed health care reform bills on the 4 a.m. C-Spann 2 replay. ...

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