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Letter to the Editor: King George and tax cuts

Thanks in part to King George's generous tax cuts, there was an increase of 69 new billionaires and multi-billionaires in the United States last year, a new total of 341.

Letter to the Editor: "Trench warfare" to maintain road access

Heidi Macintosh of SUWA warns Utahns to prepare for "trench warfare" if they wish to maintain access to rural and backcountry roads. This unusually frank admission from an organization that in recent times has tried to stress its kinder and gentler s...

Letter to the Editor: Repatriation and dirty secrets

At the end of World War II, Eisenhower gave unqualified approval to such monstrous schemes as the notorious Operation Keelhaul, the "repatriation" of Russian, Ukrainian, and other peoples who had escaped Stalin's hell on earth behind the retreating G...

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