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Local News

Protest on the Desert: Disabled ATV Riders See Closed Roads As Discrimination

Richard Beardall and Andrea Clayson ride a road which the Bureau of Land Management has marked closed. Chad Booth is seen photographing the event to be broadcast on At Your Leisure on Channel 4. ...

Green River deals with flooding issues

Green River residents battle to save their home from flood water.

Castle Valley Summit Part III Utah Life: Elevated, the Plan for Tourism

Mike Deaver presents the Utah: Life Elevated session at the Castle Valley Economic summit.

Swimming pool to be on Nov. 7 ballot

The swimming pool complex for Emery County is coming closer to being a reality announced, Emery County Commissioner Drew Sitterud at the Republican fall dinner Oct. 5. The latest news about the proposed natatorium or swimming pool complex for the cou...

Emery County Historical Society Visits MK Tunnels

Members of the Emery County Historical Society appear very small in comparison to the opening in the main tunnel at MK Tunnels.

Bomb scare at Huntington Plant

On Oct. 14 at approximately 11:05 p.m. the Zachary Construction company at the Huntington Power Plant received a phone call from an unknown person stating a bomb had been delivered to the construction site. The caller said the bomb had been delivered...

Rock Canyon Trail Daughters of Utah Pioneers Rededication

Myrleen Alger Sitterud reads her poem.

Two rescues of stranded visitors to Emery County

The Emery County Sheriff's Office completed two successful rescues last week. A hiker was called in missing by a concerned party who had not heard from the hiker in two days. He said they last they heard from him he was on the Green River cut-off roa...

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