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Local News

Green River looks at replacing old waterline

The old waterline runs along under the Green River bridge, the new line will run under the river.

An exercise in training: Local agencies train at Hunter Plant

The Emery County emergency team trains at the Hunter Plant.

near miss at Food Ranch in Orangeville

This gas tanker runs down a power pole at the Food Ranch in Orangeville.

Domestic Violence, Part I

Antoinette Corum was a victim of domestic violence.

Castle Valley Summit Part Iv: a Look at Social Security

Sandy Hunter speaks about social security.

Halloween safety

It's that time of year when ghosts and ghouls frolic with witches and vampires. Towns are transformed by jack-o-lanterns offering their Cheshire cat grins, while homes are awash in autumn hues and dotted with spider webs and garden gravestones....

Volunteers work to repair trails

Don Keele and Clayton Campbell work to remove a worn out culvert. In the background, Mike Stout stands on the newly installed bridge where the culvert was.

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