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Report from the Legislature

Great news for rural Utah. If the Senate and Governor follow the House lead, the stream of revenue will be returned to rural counties after being upset by the creation of the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument and the subsequent exchange of ...

Beating meth: one woman's story of recovery

For more than three decades, an epidemic has been surging across America, affecting individuals, families and society as a whole. The culprit is methamphetamines and Utah is not exempt from this devastation....

Editor's Notes: Happiness and the highway patrol

What exactly does happiness have to do with the highway patrol. Well, as this story goes along maybe that will get clearer.

Letter to the Editor: Suport for Bush

My daughter and her husband, who serves in the National Guard, were in a store shopping a few days ago. My son-in-law was wearing his uniform. A person approached my son-in-law and thanked him for his service. He said that he really liked him for wh...

Letter to the Editor: Clean indoor air

The Utah legislature is considering a bill (HB273) that would amend the Utah Clean Indoor Air Act thereby allowing the smoke free implementation date for fraternal organizations to be pushed from 2007 to 2009. While many are focusing on the business-...

Competition comes in many forms for Americans

I recently read a book called The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, and it scared the heck out of me.

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