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Report from the Legislature

The Legislature is winding down. We must now sift, sort, and prioritize. Even with the largest surplus in history, the demands exceed the revenue. Here is what I favor:

Proper forest management

I recently retired from the USDA Forest Service after 38 years of federal service. My final job with the US Forest Service was forest supervisor of the Dixie National Forest in beautiful southwestern Utah....

Editor's Notes: Drug and alcohol use

I've been thinking about a problem that seems to grow in use and abuse nearly every day. Drug and alcohol use is the cause of more crime and family disharmony than anything else....

Transparency should be universal

Transparency in government is what every citizen needs to know he has in his pocket when it comes to a democracy. Whether it be federal, state, county, city, school board or any kind of service district we want our officials to be forthcoming, not on...

Letter to the Editor: Champs

Exhilarating display of a special combination of motivation and execution of learned human behavior. It was only a basketball game, right?

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