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Local News

Commission voices opposition to voter confidence act

An Emery County voter uses the electronic voting machine in the election last year.

Lake fuels project, Forest Service looks to slow down fire danger

US Forest Service employees, Diane Cote, Michael Davis and log buyer, Bill Snow look over the Lake fuels reduction project area near Huntington Reservoir in Huntington Canyon on a snowy June 6. ...

Canteen makes it home after around the world trip

Roger Clark holds up the canteen which belonged to his brother, Jack Clark.

County man receives a second chance at life

Stan Roberts stands and displays the battery pack which powers his LVAD.

Flushing flow on Huntington Creek

The flow from Electric Lake into Huntington Creek was fast and furious for two days this last week. This is Huntington Creek as it flows under the Rilda Bridge.


Miss Emery seeks contestants

Cancer survivor story

Ralph Bluemel has plans to be around for a long time.

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