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Letter to the Editor: Letter to the governor on the Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster

I am writing this letter to Governor Huntsman to let him know my thoughts on what he has recently stated, how the media is reporting and the intentions of the unions regarding the devastating incident that occurred at the Crandall Canyon Mine....

Letter to the Editor: Hats off to EMTs

Everyone's aware how priceless emergency medical technicians are to our communities, but there is much more to the story. Few of us consider the personal cost each EMT bears for that service. ...

Letter to the Editor: Sympathy for the families

I weep for you all on your losses and hope that the love and support of the people of your community, state and the nation, provide some comfort.

Letter to the Editor: Open Letter from the DWR to Joe's Valley Reservoir Anglers

The Division of Wildlife Resources is aware that some anglers are unhappy with fishery management at Joe's Valley Reservoir. The real problem stems from the abundance of chubs at the reservoir and attempts by the DWR to combat the problems created by...

Letter to the Editor: Proud to be a miner

Most call us miners and we're proud to answer, "Yes." It's not a job most want to do, and many can't do it.

Letter to the Editor: Government and churches

What is disturbing churches today is psychology; psychology is not the third branch of government. The US Constitution is the document that allows churches to operate freely.

House resolution honors miners

Madam Speaker, I rise in support of this resolution.

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