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The importance of being self reliant

Disasters can come in many forms from weather related to man caused. In major disasters many cannot rely entirely on professional rescue operations because those services are often overwhelmed....

Weather spotting is new to this years emergency fair

A storm comes into Castle Country over Pinnacle Peak earlier this fall.

Miss Utah at preparedness fair

Jill Stevens is Miss Utah 2007.

Highway Patrol copter to be at fair

We are very excited to have the Utah Highway Patrol GPS helicopter coming to our fair this year.

Carbon and Emery join forces in emergency preparedness

We dedicate this year's fair in honor and remembrance of our brave miners.

There when you need them...

Dispatchers play a very important roll in our community. Without them, our emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and even our police officers could not perform their best. ...

Especially for kids at the fair

There is a special area at our fair geared toward kids.

Kid Kans

When we think about being prepared, there is usually one simple thing that we seem to overlook...our children. In a crisis, our children are hit very hard. The first few days are generally the hardest, that is the time in which most of the waiting is...

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