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Find Joy in your work, Green River High students tour area to look at job opportunities

Rod Mills from Joy Mining Machinery gives the Green River High students a tour of the Joy plant near Wellington. The students look at the mining machinery on site awaiting repair....

County's oldest Veteran remembers the past

Clyde Ray Cox's Service in World War II

National Adoption Awareness Month: Part I

Colton Larsen is an adopted child who brings much happiness to his family.

Domestic violence coalition holds program

Rita Mangum speaks at the yearly Emery County Domestic Violence Coalition luncheon.

Hearings on Crandall Canyon Mine Begin: Part VIII Federal Land Agencies Report on Their Role in Mining

The Utah Mine Safety Commission met recently in Salt Lake for their fourth meeting since being formed by Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. Commission chairman, Scott Matheson said they have not reached a point yet of making any recommendations to the governor. T...

Deputies catch copper wire thief

A large quantity of copper wire was in the possession of the suspect.

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