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Letter to the Editor: War in Iraq

The casual follower of news programs might be wondering what has become of the flood of bad news we were constantly inundated with concerning our nation's war in Iraq. One might wonder if Iraq has recently dropped from the face of the earth or perh...

Letter to the Editor: Relief is in sigh

For those low-wage earners having trouble keeping a roof over their head and putting meals on the table, relief is in sight.

Letter to the Editor: Environmental misinformation

Consistently in the printed word from our state daily newspapers and the spoken words from our TV newscasters, they are expressing their long diatribes coming from the extreme, radical environmentalists. They give us distorted facts about pollutants ...

Letter to the Editor: Right to Repair Act

Millions of car owners trust independent repair shops to provide affordable and competitive automotive repair service. Unfortunately, the ability of motorists to choose where to get their vehicle repaired could be seriously challenged in the future. ...

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