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Letter to the Editor: Questions concerning previous letter

I read the article by Ned Scarlet. I agree with his remarks. It brought some questions to my mind. I have not researched or even asked any of the following questions before now. Perhaps Ned or any of your readers could answer my questions....

Letter to the Editor: Utah State junior livestock show hasn't changed. But the barns have.

Demolition of the elderly auction barn will not hamper the 2008 Utah State Junior Livestock Show. The stock show committee, under the direction of manager Clay Nielsen, moved events to other large buildings on the fair grounds. There is plenty of roo...

Letter to the Editor: Advice to high school rodeo participants

To the high school students being involved in the high school rodeo events, the finals are coming up. Remeber, try hard, run hard, and you must always remember, success is not final, losing is not fatal. It is courage to continue that counts. ...

Slim Randles' Home Country

Dud brought the accordion in the other day. Right there in the Mule Barn truck stop, in the middle of hot cakes and coffee and grits.

It isn't easy being green

It is no surprise to find environmentalists condemning consumers who "buy green"--because, at root, environmentalists are against buying anything

Every place needs a slogan

A couple of years ago the state of Utah spent a lot of time and money going around the state getting peoples ideas for a new state slogan; one that would catch the eye of tourists all over the world. They even brought a crew to Castle Country and spe...

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