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Letter to the Editor: Response to Congressman Hinchey

Congressman Hinchey's (NY) "rebuttal to wilderness" should serve as stark reminder of the arrogance of Eastern politicians beholden to special interests.

Editor's Notes: Ufo Update

Concerning the UFO article in the March 18 issue of the Emery County Progress. I put information from an email I received from Steve Maxfield in it. In this information it stated that Shaydon Johansen had said some things to Maxfield concerning what ...

Publisher's Corner: We're all walking advertisements

Name recognition is one of the biggest human characteristics that advertisers have for getting people to buy their products. According to years of research, if someone sees a name enough in all kinds of places, they tend to lend favor to that brand i...

Editor's notes

We live in unsettling times. Do you think that things are getting worse? It seems evil is running more rampant than before. What do we do as things steadily get worse in the world around us. I was reading this morning about the misconduct and discipl...

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