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Letter to the Editor: Addressing Dr. Bunnell

Thank you for your letter to the editor of the Emery County Progress admonishing Utahns (and everyone else) to "camp responsibly."

Letter to the Editor: Questions for Congress

Will our five United States Congressmen answer to the Utah voters in this paper on the editorial page as a guest writer answering questions that I and the majority of Utahns would like answered. As a US Congressman, you all, directly or indirectly, h...

Letter to the Editor: Get Our priorities straight

I am thoroughly disgusted with our justice system due to recent rulings. In the Salt Lake Tribune, an article was written concerning a woman who left her child in a car on a hot day. Police said that the temperature inside the car might have reached ...

Letter to the Editor: Our 50 states can save us from federal tyranny

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that our country is rapidly becoming a federal police state. Fortunately, our individual states can save us from this tyranny if enough of them, and their citizens, are willing to act....

Letter to the Editor: It's about souls

Is it possible that a majority of Americans hope for a better future now rests in the hands of a man who could stand by and watch a newborn baby screaming for help die because of his mandated refusal to give it food or medical attention?...

Slim Randles' Home Country

When Harley Jacobsen came into Doc's office the other day for his physical - you know, the one his wife, Gladys, insists on from time to time - it was a treat for Doc.

County Fairs a great investment

Each year, counties across Utah dedicate a few days of the week to bring their residents together in celebration of what makes their county unique. Though the social benefits of the county fair help link the community together, other aspects of the f...

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