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Editor's notes: Are you sleep deprived?

Have any of you ever suffered from sleep deprivation? If so, I have deep sympathies for you. I have been suffering from this condition since that last week of August.

Letter to the Editor: Response to Pelteson letter

Frank Pelteson's Aug. 26 letter brought out important truths surrounding the Beijing Olympics. The recent book by Jung Chang, MAO: the Unknown Story, begins with the opening statement "Mao Tse-tung, who for decades held absolute power over the l...

Letter to the Editor: Is your child being educated or indoctinated?

The British High Court has ruled Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is partisan propaganda and contains at least 11 scientific errors. It ruled the film should not be shown in classrooms "unless" accompanied by a document pointing out the scientif...

Letter to the Editor: Cowboy poetry night

The Cowboy Poetry event sounds like fun and it's great that the Emery County Historical Society promotes such an event. It's great to get people to recognize their creative sides. ...

Slim Randles' Home Country

It just happened, you know? One of those serendipitous coincidences that occur when planets line up or you foolishly store oily rags together. It just ... happened.

Publisher's Corner: People need national health insurance

By RICHARD SHAW, ECP publisher

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