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Letter to the Editor: McCain will lead

John McCain's leadership qualities are needed to steer this country through difficult economic times and threats to our national security.

Letter to the Editor: The sad state of journalism

Well said Patsy. After reading your Sept. 23 editorial I was forced to reflect on the sad state of both journalism and politics in our nation and how low our expectations of both have sunk as citizens and voters. I consider both Drew and Gary as ...

Letter to the Editor: Financial crisis

The way it worked two weeks ago was that brokerages arranged for financing for corporations through stock options and other financial instruments. Some of this work was speculative and did not guarantee a return. They were agreements to do busine...

Letter to the Editor: Time for a county commission change

After witnessing our county commission in action at their last meeting, I realize that now is the time to make a change in our form of county government. I propose that Emery County change to a five member commission to eliminate what has gone on...

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