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For America's teens and young adults, prescription drug abuse paves a wide path to illicit drug use

America's war on street drugs routinely garners headlines but much less attention is given to our problem with prescription drug abuse, despite the fact that it is more widespread than abuse of all types of illicit drugs combined, excepting only ...

Letter to the Editor: The state of our nation

Several days ago I was listening to the radio. The speaker mentioned a recent poll, the poll asked whether, or not, people think our country is on the right track. She reported that a record number, 60 percent, think it isn't. About 30 percent do...

Letter to the Editor: On Gov. Huntsman

I like Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. He is not mind locked or set in his ways. If he sees a way of improvement, he will look further into the situation.

Letter to the Editor: What's happening in Orangeville?

On Oct. 10, Cottonwood Elementary was broken into. They broke a window on the north side of the building by the lunch room. It appears that nothing was taken, but teachers desk drawers were opened. It almost seemed that they were just looking aro...

Slim Randles' Home Country

By the time we saw Dud, of course, the damage had been done.

Ask a specialist: what do I need to know before the switch to digital television?

The public has been asked by the Federal Communication Commission to be prepared to switch to digital television by February of 2009. This move is intended to free up valuable airwaves for increasing timely and important needs such as police, fir...

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