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Letter to the editor: Cheney can leave the government, but can't leave it alone

Dick Cheney recently warned of new imminent attacks on U.S. soil because of the constitutionally-compliant policies being brought back by the new administration. He claims as evidence that 61 of the released Guantanamo inmates are recidivists, r...

Letter to the editor: Governor Huntsman sold out

Everyone is bisexual to the degree that homosexual sex, as well as heterosexual sex, is an option for us all. The Savior Jesus Christ was tempted in all things, (Heb. 4:14-15) so He must have been tempted with homosexual sex while in mortality. ...

Letter to the editor: Ken Salazar is going Hollywood

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar "is going Hollywood on us" by caving in to actor Robert Redford's demands that American oil and gas leases in Utah be cancelled.

Letter to the editor: Break downward economic spiral

The current Administration and Congress are striving to implement elements of fiscal and monetary policies that will turn around our economy. Talented people are hard at work trying to address these problems....

Letter to the editor: On wilderness

It was very nice for Mr. Groene, executive director of SUWA to once again give us a reminder on the lies and half truths of what he represents.

Rep. McIff report from the Legislature

Interesting Week. The Governor came out in support of civil unions for gay couples. It has produced a flurry of demonstrations.

Sports Stuff

With high school region re-alignment happening next school year, it is unfortunate that there is potential that the Carbon-Emery sports contests could go away.

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