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Emery County News

Public lands disappointed at meeting turnout

The Emery County Public Lands Council has begun the process to create a public land use bill for Emery County. They have held a series of public meetings. A month ago, the lands council voted to begin the process for a lands use bill for Emery Co...

Sagebrush and Surprises: A flurry of fair activities in county

The Emerson Drive concert capped off a week of activities for Emery County.

Second anniversary of Crandall Canyon mine disaster passes quietly

Aug. 6 marked the second anniversary of the Crandall Canyon mine disaster. The day passed quietly and the families of the fallen miners gathered at the monument site at Crandall Canyon for a memorial dinner....

The pageant on the hill remembers Montell

A commemoration program was held on Aug. 1 to remember the life of Montell Seely. Montell was the founder of the Castle Valley Pageant. The program of music and tributes was held at the Castle Valley Pageant site overlooking Emery County. A large...

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