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Emery County News

Huntington/Cleveland Irrigation receives stimulus money; makes plans for Millers Flat

An estimated $2.9 million in stimulus money will flow to Emery County in the next year. In June 1974, Congress enacted the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act, which directed the Secretary of the Interior to proceed with a program to enhanc...

Emery looks at parking ordinance

Emery Town held a public hearing for public comments on establishing a resolution to deal with off-street parking. Off-street parking is defined for the purposes of this resolution as follows: Parking off the main right of way, but still on town ...

Commission business

Emery County Commissioners met on Sept. 8 and Commissioners Jeff Horrocks and Laurie Pitchforth were present. Commissioner Gary Kofford was out of town on business.

Castle Valley Special Service District plans for bond election on November ballot

On this year's municipal election on Nov. 3, all citizens of the county that reside within the cities will vote on two separate tax questions concerning the Castle Valley Special Service District. The first question will ask voters if the Distri...

Green River Melon Days pageant on Sept. 18

The theme for the annual Miss Melon Days pageant this year is Breakin' Free.

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