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Emery County News

Ferron Elementary is a Utah high performing Title 1 school

The November 2009 meeting of the Emery County School District Board of Education was held at Ferron Elementary School.

Interstate 70

Interstate 70 which divides the San Rafael Swell is a unique road through some of the most scenic terrain in the United States. People traveling cross country often marvel at the diverse vistas along the way. Most pass through the area without a ...

County commission visits Headstart donates sign

In November, the Emery County Commission approved the capitol improvement list for the Community Impact Board. This list was compiled by cities and includes short term and long term projects for Emery County. Two items added to the list included ...

Cleveland Elementary celebrates with parade

Cleveland Elementary is celebrating their recent Blue Ribbon School national award. Principal Ed Clark and teacher Vicki Rasmussen attended the award ceremony in Washington DC where they received the award....

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