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Back country horsemen on wilderness

Wilderness Position Paper

Sport's Stuff

Fans are funny! They see what they want to see, not necessarily what actually occurred on the field. As such, they often do things that they normally would not do under normal circumstances but then again these are not normal circumstances. The...

Letter to the editor: Health care reform could cost Democrats

The Democrat Party is showing a willingness to pass unpopular legislation in order to protect us with its own unique version of healthcare. This could put them on the road to lose their majorities in next year's Congressional elections. It would ...

Letter to the editor: Concerns about proposed rate increases

As park manager at Millsite State Park I would like to express my concern with the water rate increase proposed by the Castle Valley Special Service District. If the proposed increase is adopted several rate changes will go into effect. The first...

Letter to the editor: Will Congress and the President participate?

It is amazing that so many voters do not understand what our Congress and President Obama are planning for us voters that elected them. They want to give us another massive bureaucracy to administer our health care. What most voters do not unders...

Letter to the editor: Rate increases proposed for usage overages

Ferron City with Castle Valley Special Services is proposing an unfair and discriminatory increase to county residents served by Ferron City culinary water.

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