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My view on illegal immigration

Hooray for Governor Jan Brewer and the people of Arizona for passing the toughest illegal immigration bill in the nation and boo to Pres. Obama for his characterizing this brave stance as irresponsible and un-American in his statement...that incl...

Socialism to what degree are we willing to accept

Upon reading some of the opinions of concerned citizens about where our country is headed on an economic and social level, I felt it necessary to respond. Particularly so, I felt like some clarification was needed after reading Mr. Stotler's let...

Reply to small town USA

Are you new to our small town USA or are you just now taking off your rose colored glasses? I am a little insulted by the letter you wrote and published in the paper. I am a resident of your 'small town USA' and have been battling against most o...

Remember the Veterans

On this day, that has been set aside to honor our Veterans who have died, I feel that Memorial Day has become nothing more than a three-day weekend.

I like my small town USA

Small town USA we are here to stay

Likes the newspaper

I am sending this letter to thank you and tell you that you do a wonderful job at organizing the newspaper. You also are very good at keeping the county informed about events happening in or near their communities. It is fun to read about excitin...

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