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Emery County News

Castle Dale celebrates

The Castle Dale youngsters chase the steer around the arena and try to grab a ribbon which they can trade in for cash.

Energy West applies for national award

It isn't often a coal mine receives recognition for cleaning up a former mine site. Energy West Mining Company has applied for a national award for their reclamation work on the Des-Bee-Dove Mine site. The work was done in three phases; the upper...

Green River Medical center expansion

The sound of concrete cracking and the buzz of a saw are welcome sounds for the Green River Medical Center. This is the beginning of renovation for the 10 year old facility. Green River Medical Center was selected as one of 11 health care center...

Elmo discusses water problem in meeting

Elmo Town met in their monthly council meeting on June 9. A public hearing was held to discuss the town budget. The mayor, Kirt Rasmussen and council members Stoney Jensen, Ryan Jensen, Caleen Wilcox and Clark Atwood discussed ways to cut the bud...

Relay for Life cancer society walk

Sleep? What's that? At this year's Relay for Life it was a rare commodity. The event raised almost $31,000 for cancer research. Emery County, you've done yourselves proud. On behalf of your Relay committee and the cancer survivors here in our com...

Relay for Life birthday bash

A birthday bash was given prior to the relay. The Relay for Life Birthday party was for survivors and caregivers.

Huntington City gives mayor raise

Controversy, truth, and accomplishment characterized the Huntington City Council meeting held on June 16.

Castle Dale City news

Castle Dale City Mayor Neal Peacock began a discussion of the city's B and C road funds. Castle Valley Special Service District has suggested to each Emery County city that it make some changes in the way the funds are handled. ...

Emery Town receives funds

Community Impact Board approves funding for culinary water improvements in the Town of Emery

Powdery substance found

Due to numerous news inquiries regarding powdery substances sent to five federal offices in Idaho and Utah, the FBI Salt Lake City Division is issuing an update. In each incident, initial field tests on the substances were negative. Samples were...

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