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Legal Notices

PacifiCorp Deer Creek Mine

Permit Renewal Application

Bear Canyon Permit Renewal

Kenneth A. Rushton, trustee for the bankruptcy estate of CW Mining Company doing business as Co-Op Mining Company, hereby submits an application for a permit renewal for the Bear Canyon Mine, permit number C/015/0025. The permit area encompasses app...

Notice Of General Election

Notice is given that a General Election will be held Tuesday, November 2, 2010. The polling places are as follows:

Public Notice

Huntington City will hold a public hearing to consider potential projects for which funding may be applied under the CDBG Small Cities Program for Program Year 2011. Suggestions for potential projects will be solicited, both verbally and in writing, ...

Announcement Of Appointment And Notice To Creditors

Estate of RICHARD FLOYD WITTHUHN, Probate No. 103700029, Seventh District Court, in and for Emery County, State of Utah - Michelle Ann Flom, who's mailing address is 11710 Maxwell Road, Chicago City, MN 55013, has been appointed Personal Representati...

Public Notice

The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration hereby gives notice that the following property is being considered for disposal through sale in Emery County: Township 17 South, Range 6 East, SLB&M, Section 10: W1/2W1/2 (within) which co...

Notice Of Public Hearing To Adopt A General Plan

On the 4th day of November, 2010, at 7:00 pm the Cleveland Town Planning Commission will hold a meeting at 130 W. Main, Cleveland, Ut, for the purpose to adopt a General Plan for Cleveland Town. ...

Invitation For Bids Notice to Contractors

Notice is hereby given that Huntington City is accepting bids for an announcer stand at the Huntington City Rodeo Arena.

Public Notice

The Emery County School District is offering to the general public a long-term lease on all or a portion of 9.37 acres (more or less) of land located in Emery Town. Interested parties should submit a written bid on an annual basis, together with the...

Notice of Bids

Castle Dale City is accepting bids for heating in the Castle Dale Fire Station.

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