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Good job Sheriff Guymon you will be missed

Well, I couldn't sleep so I might as well get up and write. Emery County what have you done? You voted out a man with 36 years experience as the Emery County Sheriff on Tuesday....

Hooray for our side

Wahoo. Three cheers for our side. The victory on Nov. 2 was a wonderful gift from a generous God. All the work we did researching and the passing along pertinent information about the leftist agenda for ending our constitutional form of governmen...

Take care of the trees

I may hear the sound of the saw at work or just drive past to see trees I've admired now lying in pieces on the ground. It is so sad.

Regarding the recently mailed letter

Regarding the letter that was written and mailed to specific people in our area entitled "Did You Know". My concerns with this letter are:

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