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Legislative wrap-up by Rep. Kay McIff

The legislature has recessed. We are safe for another year. I make this report on areas of interest to the general citizenry and particularly to those who reside in the counties of Emery, Sanpete, and Sevier which I am both pleased and honored to rep...

Letters to the editor: Founding Fathers relied on God

I have recently been reading quotes from the founders of this nation. I have been impressed by their integrity and strong allegiance to God. They believed in self reliance and relied upon God to help them through times of trial and hardship. In our d...

Letters to the editor: Where is the Justice

Several years ago three property owners in Big Cottonwood Canyon took a backhoe and cleaned off the debris that was on the road to their property from winter avalanches.

Letters to the editor: Thanks to the Community

The Emery High Girls' Basketball team and coaching staff express our appreciation to the community for their amazing support throughout the season and the playoff games.

Letters to the editor: In response to recent letters

I was glad to read the very good letters to the Editor in the Commentary of SunAd and the Progress from Alan J Peterson and Louis J Sansevero. (Tues, Mar. 15th issue).

Letters to the editor: Don't fear nuclear power

The dust had hardly settled from the recent Japanese earthquake when environmentalists began their latest attack on American energy independence by calling for a moratorium on construction of new nuclear power plants in the United States and, of more...

Staff Column: Sports Stuff

The Super Bowl is the most hyped event of any given year. People are engaged in the process either as fans or as commercial watchers or as betting pool participants.

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