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Emery County News

Thanksgiving fun

Preschoolers learn true meaning of holiday

Habitat project to increase feed for wildlife

A project was recently completed to rehabilitate an area in the Grimes Wash to clear the way for native species to the area. "I like to think of it as taking a bedroom and turning it into a kitchen," stated Nicole Nielson, habitat biologist with th...

Huntington City plans for party on Friday

At the November 2011 Huntington City Council meeting, the upcoming holidays were on the minds of the city with two events that will help celebrate them.

Odors at Ferron City Hall cause problems for workers

The Ferron City building was recently tested to see what is creating gas type smells in the office. Office personnel have complained of the odors and the affects the odors are having on their health and well being. Oftentimes when the office is opene...


Welcomes you to join them at their annual Christmas Party. Please bring your favorite treat for our "taster's table" and a white elephant gift valued at $3 or less. Dec. 1, at The Museum Of The San Rafael starting at 6:30 p.m....

Castle Dale may get a new gun shop

Castle Dale City resident Dixie Thompson informed the council of cemetery grants which are available for application. "These grants are cemetery inventory grants and are designed to help cities and towns map and mark all graves and be inventoried on ...

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