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Commission hears from Four Corners Behavioral Health

2 days ago

The Emery County Commission approved a waiver of fees for use of the museum by the Emery County Historical Society. Commissioner Ethan Migliori said the historical society brings in great speakers and they talk of the history of Emery County. The cou...

Quagga Mussels found in Deer Creek Reservoir

9 days ago

*Must Decontaminate Boats at Deer Creek Reservoir*

Learn How to Ice Fish, then go Fishing

11 days ago

Ice fishing clinic and outing offered Jan. 16 - 17

Emery County Sheriff's Office helps recover officer's body

19 days ago

Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk said the Emery County Sheriff's Office has been involved in the search for Deputy Jedediah Steadman since the beginning. The family has a residence in Emery as well as the city and they are in the area frequently. Stead...

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