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Emery County News

Build a school

Students fundraise to construct a school in Belize

County man receives purple heart

Across the Pacific during the island-hopping campaigns of World War II, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz said that "uncommon valor was a common virtue," among the Marines who were storming the beaches occupied by deeply entrenched forces of the Empire of Ja...

BLM asks for input on roads and trails

Emery County Public Lands Council met to discuss land issues pertinent to the county. Chairman Ed Geary said the council is lucky to have Ray Petersen as the public lands director for the county. He is always sending out information to council me...


Emery County Commission recognized Dennis Fuller as the Emery County Employee of the Month. Dennis Fuller is a 31 year county employee. He is dedicated to his job and keeps everything clean and functioning in the county facilities. He takes care of...

Academic All-State for Basketball

Logan Tuttle and Brendon Jorgensen of the Emery High boys basketball team were named to the Academic All-State team. The awards were presented at the half-time of the boy's 2A championship game at the state basketball championship at Southern Uta...


Stretch your food dollars by the Farm Bureau

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